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Can You Whip Sour Cream?

Is it possible to whip sour cream? Whatever the reason, you want to know. So I grabbed a tub of sour cream and attempted to whip it, let’s see what happened.

Trying to whip sour cream

Can you whip sour cream
Can you whip sour cream?

So here we have the humble tub of sour cream, time to find out if this stuff whips.

Sour Cream before Whipping
Sour Cream before Whipping

Here is the sour cream in a mixing bowl ready to go. This stuff is super thick, as you can clearly see from the image above.

Let us Whip
Let us Whip

Whisking the sour cream

For this test, I will be using an electric whisk for the whipping. If the sour cream is ever going to whip then this gives me the best possible chance to whip it.

I guess that if it works with the electric whisk it will work with a hand whisk, it will just be a lot harder.

After Whipping For a Few Minutes
After Whipping For a Few Minutes

So this photo above was taken after I had whipped the sour cream for a few minutes. You can see how it has thinned down a lot.

So far all the whipping has done is turn the sour cream into more of a liquid when it was quite solid to begin with.

Starting to Thicken
Starting to Thicken

After a good few minutes more whipping you can see that the sour cream is starting to thicken back up. It is not even back to where it started yet, never mind fully whipped, but it is starting to head in that direction.

Thicker but not Whipped
Thicker but not Whipped

So this is where I leave this experiment, with thick sour cream, but not whipped cream.

The above photo was taken after about 30 minutes of continual whipping with an electric whisk. It’s obvious now that it’s not going to whip, it has been at the same thickness for the last few minutes.

The sour cream is not whipped but it has gone a lot lighter and airier than it was previously. It is almost foamy.


No, you cannot whip sour cream. You can make it lighter and slightly foaming by continually whisking it but it will not turn into true whipped cream.

Why Does Cream Whip?

Cream whips because of the fat content within it. When you whip up cream you are adding air bubbles into the cream.

The fat content also gets broken up by the whisking, these fat molecules then get stuck within the air bubbles preventing them from reverting to type.

This is what leads to whipped cream being so light and airy. Not the most scientific writing but I think it gets the reasoning behind why cream whips fairly well.

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