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Can you put chilli powder in curry

Can you put chilli powder in curry?

if you are wondering whether you can put chilli powder in curry then here we will look into whether this is a good idea. Simply put, yes you can. Lets have a closer look to find out how best to add chilli powder to a curry.

When to add chilli powder?

If like me you often need a little extra kick in your curry but you are hesitant to overdo the heat, do not worry. Adding chilli powder to your recipe is a very simple and fast way to ramp up that burn without adding extra chillies and fancy spices.

Most curries will have a mix of earthy spices that provide the basis for the taste and provide colouring. Most people vary in their tolerance to spice and some like the heat much more than others. If you are making a curry it is very important to taste test regularly whilst it’s simmering to learn what else is needed.

If you feel it needs an extra kick then by all means go for it, but remember that if you are making curry for others then they may not like it as hot as you. Get them to taste it too!

How much chilli powder to use?

If you have feel your curry needs an extra kick then I would suggest adding small amounts and stirring, then tasting before adding more. Remember, you can always add more later, you can’t take it out!

Start by adding just half of one teaspoon of chilli powder to a small batch (enough for 2 people), stir it in and let it continue to simmer for a short while. Taste test it and repeat this process if needed.

Remember the longer the chilli powder simmers the more infused the curry will be with chilli flavour so cooking a curry slowly on a low temperature will give you plenty of time and taste tests to get the perfect heat!

Oh no! I’ve overdone it!

If you add too much fire to your curry the do not fear! There are various ways to counteract this. The simplest ways to do this are adding the following things…

Natural yoghurt

Adding natural yoghurt will make your curry creamier and creates a cooling effect to curry, aswell as changing the ratio of chilli powder to sauce. A little milk works similar but beware that you do not make your curry too wet as this could easy spoil the consistancy.

Passata or chopped tomatoes

Similar to the natural yoghurt, adding chopped tomato to your curry will lower the ratio of chilli to curry sauce and cooling it. Many curry recipes are tomato based and this would compliment most curries. An easy fix!

Add sugar

By adding sugar to your curry you will balance out the hot flavours within it. Ideally brown sugar would be used but just add a little bit at once, remembering to taste test before adding more!

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