Maybe your hungover and know some salty bacon will fix you right up, but you can’t face getting the frying pan out. The thought will have crossed your mind, can I microwave bacon? And you ended up here. Well, ponder no longer my lazy friend we are here to help bring you quick and easy bacon butties.

The Paper Towel Method

This simple to follow method only needs a plate and some kitchen towel. And bacon, obviously.

Step 1

Lay some paper kitchen towel on a microwave-safe plate. Add three of four sheets. This towel will soak up the fat from the cooking bacon.

Step 1 Lay kitchen towel on plate

Step 2

Add the bacon on top of the kitchen towel.

Step 2 Add bacon

Step 3

Add another piece of kitchen towel on top of the bacon. This will help to reduce the amount of fat that splatters around your microwave.

Step 3 cover with kitchen towel

Step 4

Microwave! We recommend around one minute per rasher of bacon but this will vary depending on both your microwave power and preferences for style of bacon.

Microwaved Bacon on playe

Step 5

Eat! your bacon will be ready to eat.

Bacon Butties!

Step 6

Clean up. One good advantage of this method of microwaving bacon is that there is very little cleanup thanks to the paper towel.

Leaves the plate fairly clean